Tuesday, November 14, 2017

11 Secrets All Disney Employees Learn On Their First Day

Whether it's the movies or the theme parks, Disney manages to bring joy to everyone! And if you are lucky enough, you could work for Disney at one of the theme parks! Becoming a Disney employee means that you would become part of the coolest work family ever. So is orientation and training the same as everywhere else? What exactly do you have to know when you work there? Keep on reading to find out!

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We might not know all the secrets that Disney employees do, but don't worry! We've got you covered. We know exactly what they learn on their first day at work!

1. When you're hired, you learn that you officially become a Disney cast member. It sounds a lot fancier than employee.

2. Disney doesn't like to have the same names for things as other companies. It's not called orientation, it's called Traditions! 

3. Traditions is an eight-hour experience/training course created to make sure that all Disney employees can be happy working at the happiest place on Earth!

4. So why is it called Traditions? It's because that's when the company gets to pass down corporate traditions – mostly designed by Walt Disney himself – to the newest cast members!

5. On the first day of training, all Disney World employees are taught that they absolutely cannot break character. You have to act like the characters are real and that the real world doesn't exist.

You can't talk about anything that isn't Disney related! iPhones? Snapchat? They don't exist in the Disney universe!

6. The first day of training is important for learning about the company history. Cast members get to learn through fun games and scavenger hunts.

A scavenger hunt around Disney World?! That's one way to memorize the layout!

7. Disney parks run on the Four Keys: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. 

Cast members get to learn how to use the Four Keys every day to deal with park goers. And you get to learn about it while on a guided tour through the Magic Kingdom. Seriously, this sounds like somuch fun.

8. Your memory for trivia better be good! On the first day, cast members are tested on their Disney trivia through fun games and puzzles.

If you know all about Frozen or Little Mermaid, now's your time to shine!

9. Disney parks are run on happiness... and teamwork. Cast members are separated into teams to learn how to work with each other.

Sometimes, cast members have to go on a scavenger hunt, solve a puzzle, or create a list of all the Disney animated characters. 

10. The most exciting part about the first day of training is when cast members get to go to the secret underground tunnels. That's where the cafeteria, entertainment costume department and the parade control room are!

11. The most magical moment of Traditions? When the cast member is handed their Disney ID. 

It would be pretty magical to work in the happiest place on Earth, right? COMMENT and tell us which job you'd want at a Disney theme park!


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