Thursday, November 9, 2017

12 Battle-Tested Winter Hacks To Help Us Get Through The Cold

Any help we can get in the winter is always appreciated. I'm here to fill you in on several ways to deal with the effects of winter so you can enjoy the holidays. Most of these hacks are for your vehicle, but I include others for your home as well!
Here are 12 battle-tested winter hacks.
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Winter is upon us and we are doing anything and everything just to cope with the bone-chilling winds. 

Let's make life easier, shall we?

1. Rub shaving cream on the inside of your windshield to prevent it from fogging up. 

This one is huge for me. No one likes trying to guess where the road is when the windshield fogs up during the cold months. 

2. Another great way to clear the window fog is to carry a chalkboard eraser with you to wipe off the windshield when needed. 

This hack is a little less messy...

3. Park your car facing east in the winter. 

The rising sun will defrost your windshield, unless you leave for work before the sun comes up... 

4. Rub wax on your headlights to prevent snow from sticking to them while you drive. 

It's important to have a set of properly functioning headlights in the winter. 

5. Put socks on your windshield wipers so they don't freeze overnight. 

Bam, several minutes saved in the morning. 

6. Wrap your side mirrors with a paper bag so they don't freeze overnight. 

7. Use pipe insulation on the bottom of doors to prevent a cold draft. 

8. If you work in an office with a locked thermostat, and the room seems to be freezing, put something cold on it!

This will trick the thermostat into thinking the room is colder, forcing that heater to kick in.

9. To check your tire tread, place a penny with Lincoln's head faced down and put it in a tread. 

If no part of Honest Abe's head is covered, your tires will not be able to handle adverse wintry conditions well. 

10. Put a modest amount of hand sanitizer on your car keys to unlock a door that is frozen shut. 

11. Turn your ceiling fan on clockwise to push that warm air back down to floor level. 

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