Sunday, November 5, 2017

12 Common Manicure Mistakes You Might Be Making

I've been the queen of at-home manicures for as long as I can remember. I tire of my nail color so quickly that it only makes sense for me to save some money and paint my own nails. And although I've always considered myself to be something of a nail expert, there are many mistakes I've been making when it comes to my DIY manicures. Many of these are pretty surprising, and I was guilty of almost all of them. Oops! If you're looking to improve your own nail game, read ahead to discover 12 common manicure mistakes you've likely been making and find tips on how to reverse them! 

1. Store Responsibly 

Always store your polishes in an upright position, and in a cool, dry place. Keeping polishes jumbled together in a bag will cause leakage, and storing them in sunlight will ruin your polishes over time. 

2. Conserve The Cotton

It's unnecessary to use entire cotton balls to remove your polish. Instead, conserve your cotton ball supply by tearing them into three or four pieces each. 

3. Soak Before Clipping

Tired of finding errant nail clippings all over your floor? Soak your hands and clippers in water before trimming to keep nail clippings in one place. 

4. Environment Is Everything

The environment in which you paint your nails is extremely important. Painting your nails in a warm, humid space will cause air bubbles to form in your polish. 

5. File In One Direction 

Although the back-and-forth filing method is quick, it will cause your nails to split and weaken. Instead, file in one direction to protect your nail tips. 

6. Thin, Don't Remove

I think all of us are guilty of this manicure mistake. Adding nail polish remover to thin your colors is actually quite harmful to polish. Instead, add two to three drops of nail polish thinner to prolong the life of your polish. 

7. Don't Shake, Roll! 

Shaking your nail polish bottles pre-painting will cause air bubbles to form. It's best to roll the polish back and forth between your hands to avoid this. 

8. Base Coat

Never skip the base coat step! A base coat will protect your nails from staining and harmful chemicals. 

9. Dab Sparkles 

Instead of swiping on glitter polish, try dabbing it on instead. You'll get a way thicker concentration of sparkles by using this method. 

10. Thick Painting 

Layer multiple, thin layers of polish on your nails. One, thick coat will cause clumps, not to mention it takes forever to dry. 

11. Swipe Your Top Coat 

Top coats aren't just for the tops of your nails! Ensure you also swipe a top coat sideways, along the edge of your nails, which will seal in the polish and prevent chipping. 

12. Remove Bottle Drips 

After each nail polish use, use a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover to clean the rim of your bottle. Skipping this step will cause polish buildup around the cap, and potentially even keep you from using your favorite polishes! 


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