Sunday, November 26, 2017

15 Harsh Expectations Vs Realities That Show How Life Is Letting You Down

There's this barista at a coffee shop I go to frequently and he's always so chipper. He wears a leather fanny pack and he calls people "honey" and "brother." He basically skips to make my Americano as he cracks jokes. I'm almost certain he's gay and if he is, he'd fit into every stereotype of the happy-go-lucky gay man that ever existed. He's a cool dude. We get along well. But the reason I bring him up is because no matter what's in the news, how the weather is or what day of the week it is, he is ALWAYS so excited to bring you your coffee.

I look on in amazement because I am doing a job I really, really enjoy doing: I write comedy! I've always wanted to write comedy in some fashion, yet I have never EVER been as happy as that man is on a gray Monday after a global tragedy. It is bewildering. But I respect it. He's one of the few people that is able to stay positive even when life disappoints. Humans aren't good at that, which brings me to today's article. 

Expectation vs. Reality.

It doesn't always go as planned. In fact, more times than not, life goes against your plans. But what this merry barista has emphasized over and over again is that you can let reality bring you down or you can push past the dread of your existence and just enjoy the day in front of you.

You decide. 

1. When you go to get that hipster fade.

2. I'm not disappointed by this probability.

3. "How bad could it possibly be?"

4. "Chinese knockoffs are great!" they said. "No one will notice!" they said.

5. The trailer vs. the actual movie

I know that's an unpopular opinion, but I thought it that piece of toast.

6. How the public sees your cosplay vs. how you see your cosplay

7. Buyer beware: Everything looks bigger at the right angle with the right perspective.

8. Order flowers online, they said! They definitely won't not send flowers and send onions instead, they said!

9. What it looks like trying to fit into the pants you wore in high school.

10. On Brexit...

11. Need I say more?

12. Excellent, she now knows what to expect for the remainder of her existence. 

13. How's summer going thus far, folks?

14. We've done a lot of cool things in the past 50 years. Class is not one of those things.

15. It probably won't get any better than this.


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