Monday, November 20, 2017

15 People Who Will Probably Go Far In Life

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure a good life in the future. Get a good education, a nice job, maybe invest in the invention of Taco-Pants™ — the pants designed for portable taco convenience. But some people, you can just tell are gonna go places. Maybe they've come up with an invention themselves, or maybe it's just something about their attitude or outlook on life that clues you into thinking, "yeah, this person's got it." This list in particular is about as varied as I could get it. I wanted to prove that it's not always about getting married or graduating, though those are definitely great, but even just the little things in life that put some people on the fast track to success. So whether it's a neat little invention or just something I found great about someone, these are a few people that I think will go far in life...

1. This young athlete with a great hobby

2. This bookstore employee who has a knack for intrigue

3. This pungent wordsmith

4. This hot momma on the prowl who knows age is just a number

5. The inventor of thisbrilliant device

Ice cream — or mashed potatoes? — will never be the same again.

6. This bartender who's gonna go home rich!

7. This twine-tugging turtle-tangler

8. This recent graduate who's about to be up in your business 

9. This lady who got a positive proposal 

10. This young art critic who just sees things differently

11. This girl who ain't givin' it up for nobody

12. Or this lady who doesn't have to worry about a thing

13. The owner of this brilliant pizza place

14. This bilingual test-taker

15. And lastly, this multi-tasking dad man...


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