Saturday, November 11, 2017

16 Cringe Pics That Definitely Ruined Someone's Reputation

What's the saying about reputation? It can take a whole life to build one and it only takes five seconds to ruin one. Kinda like your diet, right? Six months of eating well and going to the gym, ruined by Samantha's weekend-long bachelorette party in New Orleans. 

Been there.

Well, I'm not saying the people in this article had much of a positive reputation to begin with, but any good attached to their name was washed away in a single Facebook post, I promise you that. It's a mean, mean world out there folks. Posters beware.

1. Is this a hipster thing? Please just let this be a mistake.

2. What's more cringeworthy? 

1) A debate on a Pornhub comments section.
2) Someone taking the time to read the comments.

3. Oh, that look of defeat and despair in her eyes that drunk me knows so well. 

4. The popularity of roasts really makes you question just how serious people think online bullying really is.

5. Their leader, Xerxes, stands with the bowl cut in the rear about to give an impassioned speech about how the patriarchy will use this photo for internet lols. 

Xerxes wasn't wrong.

6. The resemblance is uncanny.

7. Maybe it'll work out better for your Sims character...

8. I'm sure Grandma would've loved a picture of herself on your pec with your chest pubes growing out her face. 

Also, she looks more like Mrs. Doubtfire than Jerry Springer. Let's be real.

9. Take a good long look at his dad's face...

It's the moment he realized his son is never moving out and he'll be supporting him until he dies.

10. "It's hot out here, I need a bottle of ketchup to cool off." –That woman.

11. "Did I not make it clear the first time? Tears of blood."

12. At least you know where you're lacking in life.

13. Ever hear the saying beggars can't be choosers? Yeah, well, don't be picky, you hopelessly lonely jerkface.

14. Couple more years of this desperation and you'll have a couple of soon-to-be restraining orders.

15. Adequate bullying will eventually suppress this child's urge to do creepy sh*t like this.

16. She'll need a therapy session after she finds out this went viral. 


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