Monday, November 27, 2017

16 Girls That'll Boggle Your Mind

Girls just wanna have fun, and when they do, it can get real weird real fast. Some can just mess around and make us laugh, others have us yelling "WTF!?" and throwing our computers out the window. Whatever the case, they're also bringin' the funny, so props for that! So get prepared for some weird boners, cause these ladies are not your basic beauties. 

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, "they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent." I assume Nietzsche spent a lot of time on eBaum's World...

1. This girl's all legs

2. Eyes wide shut!

I don't know what's more "WTF," her eyes or her weird racism...

3. When you marry the Jigsaw killer

4. A bit of horse play 

I'm so confused and scared and horny and baffled and horny and frightened and horny...

5. Sometimes you should skip leg day

6. Eyebrows on FREAK!

7. Practice safe dress

8. Accordion to her, the dryer is for your butt! 

9. Your eyes say yes, but your arms say whoa! 

10. That's going to be an interesting morning routine...

11. Can you hear me now? WTF?!

12. I think it's her cake day!

Commence your weird boners!

13. Why buy the cow when... ew. 

14. Don't cross the streams!

15. Ever wonder how that Skyrim guard got an arrow to the knee?

16. My anaconda don't want none unless... wait, no. It just don't want none.

Main and collage images via 1. eBaum's World 2. eBaum's World


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