Sunday, November 19, 2017

16 Parents Way More Excited About 'Back To School' Than The Kids

We all love spending the summers with our kids, the beach days, the barbecues, etc. But come on, we'd be lying if we said we didn't get even a little excited to send them back to that glorious, happy place known as school. That's the time when they're the school's problem, right? Well, don't feel bad about being a little excited, the parents we're looking at today are way more than that! They get that it's party time now, or at least from 8 a.m. till about 3 or 4 p.m...Regardless, it's time to have a little fun and take a little you time. If you have some like-minded friends who are parents like these, share this article with them and get them to join the celebration as well! 

This one goes out to all the parents out there who are going all out to celebrate our favorite time of year, the time they call "back to school!"

1. We can really set the tone by looking at the different expressions, huh?

2. Yep, this definitely calls for a high-five!

Not to mention a couple of mimosas? Why not!?

3. The kids aren't exactly seeing it the same way as us...oh well!

4. Dads really have a good handle on the, let's call them, "final steps" of the back to school plan...

Trust me, the party's justgetting started!

5. That's right, the wait is over!!!

6. Looks like we got another straggler here — Dad, you know what to do!

7. Getting some good distance on the height here!

8. Now thisis the right aisle for parents getting ready for "back to school" 

Maybe the teachers might need to stock up on supplies here too?

9. First lesson of "back to school" must be "don't skip leg day!" 

10. It's a sign! Mom is free!!!

11. Matching outfits, but not matching attitudes...

12. This celebration might be a little "in your face," but we've all been there — it's party time!

13. Maybe your kids are off to college? This one's for the seasoned pros out there:

14. When people don't understand the fun of "back to school" season...

15. Some moms are so excited they literally start soaring

16. And here's a sneak peek at what you've got to look forward to once the little ones are dropped off at that heavenly location...


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