Friday, November 24, 2017

16 Prom Dresses Too Ugly For Life

Prom. Why try so hard to find the perfect dress and the best updo? Your classmates already know you're a slob who eats mexi-fries every day and wears pajamas to class. The fact that you're wearing sequins just makes you a sparkly slob. The people in this list definitely didn't try to be anyone they weren't already, and maybe we should applaud them for that. Or shield our eyes.  

1. When you bought the dress 2 months before you knew

Gotta make it fit somehow. 

2. Yes 

It is possible to love Twilight too much.

3. Oh no you didn't

Just because we don't hang this on state capitol grounds anymore does not mean you should hang it on yourself. 

4. Is your date wearing a hooded terrycloth onesie?

Are you wearing a surgical mask on your left boob?

5. No

I hope daddy gave them the good John Deer to take to prom

6. Little Mermaid-inspired? 

Yeah. If Ursula beheaded King Trident and used his crown as shoulder pads. 

7. Roleplaying does not belong at prom

And that codpiece isn't fooling anyone. 

8. You know it's going to be a good prom when...

You're wearing ski goggles and your date is in a stripper jester costume.

9. Lovely labias 

Basically the whole point of prom is what is on those dresses. 

10. All about the Benjamins, huh?

Stacked. Literally.

11. Poo

A literal turd on this dress could not have made it worse.

12. Skanky Jasmin?

Is that what you were going for?

13. Bubble wrap

Because that won't be annoying all night long. 

14. Cool

What happens when they all pop?

15. They're definitely getting into prom, no questions asked. 

I hope they all drank the contents of their cases.

16. But why?

Save the skanky Jane Austin for Halloween. 

Main image via Costume Fail

Collage image via 1. Evil Milk 2. Seattle Weekly 3. imgur / romulusmyfather 


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