Friday, November 10, 2017

16 Slimy People Who Prove No One Can Be Trusted

You can't trust anyone these days, least of all yourself. Think of all the times present-you hung future-you out to dry. Like the four years you spent procrastinating in university, for instance. At the beginning of every semester, you talked about how different it was going to be. How you were going to do your readings before every class. Then two months in, you were pulling an all-nighter trying to finish a paper that was due the same day as your stats midterm, because you figured three seasons of Game of Thrones was more important. So if you can't even trust yourself, how can you expect to trust anyone else? Food for thought.

1. This is diabolical

2. They're the mint kind

3. "Guaranteed" is spelled wrong too...

4. This is pure evil

5. My mother had about a dozen of these

None of them contained cookies

6. But, why?

7. It's just dark meat

8. Of course it is

9. How disappointing

I bet that cost over five bucks

10. Liars!

11. No honor among thieves

12. Kids these days...

13. The internet is swarming with tricksters

14. It's not her fault, she's just doing her job

15. I wish my dad taught me this when I was that age

16. Boy, did that ever take a turn


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