Monday, November 6, 2017

19 Pics So Funny You Might Pull A Muscle

Look, we all had a long, hard week. 

We deserve a minute or two to throw our cares away and to enjoy some hilarious and mindless images that make that bathroom break much better.

Have fun!

1. Say what?

2. Ruthless.

3. Sales will no doubt shoot up!

4. Harry and Marv always manage to get out of jail just in time for Christmas!

5. It doesn't matter!

6. The paranoia knows no bounds.

7. "I'm going in. Tell my wife and kids I love them..."

8. Only the essentials!

9. The circle of life.

10. I always approve of puns.

11. "Have we not suffered ENOUGH?"

12. If I had a nickel for every time this happens...

13. The important issues.

14. Sometimes life just comes together perfectly.

15. It's those hot legs.

16. At least it will be a hot lunch!

17. "You can tell when the girls had a sleepover."

18. Hindsight.

19. Creative licence.

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