Wednesday, November 29, 2017

19 Pictures Funnier Than A Drunk Student Pooping In Public

Whether you like being on the internet or not, chances are you spend a lot of time on it anyways. It's impossible not to. Your phone is connected, your tablet is connected, even the damn televisions these days are connected. 

That said, going cold turkey is probably an unreasonable goal, but I feel that cutting down the time you spend searching for the content you want isn't. 

Hopefully, this list of funny pictures can give you exactly what you'd otherwise be spending hours searching for. 

1. Pigeon is a delicacy in some places

2. An experienced traveler to say the least

3. Winners win no matter what

4. Daddy's little helper

5. One of the few times the mannequin challenge came in handy

6. A match made in heaven

7. Nailed it!

8. KFC is savage

9. Too real

10. Genius

11. His contribution cannot be overstated

12. "It's eating me up inside, Doc"

13. At the rate we were going, I thought this day would never come

14. Beggars can't be choosers

15. I'm definitely a number two

I'd use my powers for the worst things

16. Accurate

17. Priorities

18. I don't blame you, that thing is frighting 

19. Sundays are off limits


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