Monday, November 20, 2017

19 Ways To Fake Being Rich

Knockoff brands and ready-to-wear suits have made it possible for people to look rich without having to actually be rich. It's a great time-saver if you ask me. Accruing wealth is hard work and long hours — not to mention all the added stress. The way I see it, faking affluence is a lot easier and equally effective. So if you're a person who prefers cutting corners, skim through this list of people who have the faux rich look down pat. 

1. "Quick mirror selfie with my new Pop-Tart 6"

2. A type of rich only Canadians will understand

3. How many carrots is your gold?

4. Looks awesome, man. Nobody will notice the difference

5. The rich man's starter kit

6. The first step to success 

7. In some post-apocalyptic world, beer caps may become the currency 

8. Maybe be more specific next time?

9. Only rich weirdos would drive something like this

10. You can rent all of these things for a day

Just remember to keep the tape

11. Nobody ever said you had to be rich to live on a boat

12. Who actually bothers to walk up and read these, anyway?

13. More like club pack of generic mac and cheese

14. Chynabuye's got everyone looking boujie af

15. Eight years old and living large

16. Who said billiards was for rich people?

17. When people think you're rich because you sleep with bills over your eyes

18. Nothing says rich like a knot tied at the end of all your toilet paper rolls

19. Even chicken fingers and fries can look like they were served at Dorsia


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