Wednesday, November 29, 2017

20 Awesome Family Members We All Wish We Were Related To

We're all aware that we can't choose our family, which is a bit strange considering they're the people we spend the most time with. As a result, sometimes you end up surrounded by weird or boring family members. Other times, you get lucky and have a few hilarious relatives like the ones you're about to see.

1. Offering older people your seat is usually a very noble thing to do, but if you do it to the wrong person, you risk being embarrassed by an older man who's much stronger than you are.

2. This grandma is tired of hearing about her granddaughter's lack of love life, so she decided to take action and make a Tinder profile on her behalf. She definitely got some matches from this.

3. The best kind of family members are of the ones who know how to have a laugh, and these parents definitely fit that category. I hope that they asked a stranger to take this photo for them.

4. This was the original text message. Hearing that dinner is ready is fantastic news, but having a dog deliver the news is just about the best thing I could ever imagine. I wish my family did this.

5. This is the gift that I'd want to give to recent graduates, but I'd probably be too chicken to do it. All I got for my high school graduation was the permission to get student loans.

6. Parents may not always have access to the newest technology, but they definitely know how to improvise to make up for it, like this dad did in order to impersonate his daughter. 

7. Everyone needs a family that supports them, even if it's in an over the top way. They should've taken the advice on her shirt and obeyed her request to not do anything embarrassing this year.

8. Just because you get older doesn't mean you have to grow up, and this is a prime example. I hope that when I'm their age I'm still willing to make a fool of myself.

9. This shirt is the gift that keeps on Uncle Dave. They're obviously not too thrilled right now, but when they're older, they'll all be thankful for having someone like Uncle Dave in their family.

10. I wish I had a grandma who would religiously wear a John Cena bracelet. The phrase WWJD is probably not the best advice to listen to in this situation though, because you'll probably end up body slamming someone.

11. This soon-to-be father is already in full dad mode. Even though we have to pretend like we don't enjoy it, all of us need some dad jokes like this one in our lives.

12. You can always count on uncles to let you do things way before you're ready. It looks like this particular uncle might be regretting his careless decision to let his nephew drive.

13. When I have a family, wearing costumes in public is going to be a very normal occurrence, so my kids better get used to it. This family absolutely nailed their Napoleon Dynamite impression.

14. This dad found a creative way to say no to his daughter asking him for $20. I think my favorite part is the slogan in the top right corner.

"Because, apparently I look like I'm made out of money."

15. These parents decided to duplicate the picture of models they found inside of a store, and honestly, I think they pull it off better. They should consider taking up modeling full time.

16. Although she's clearly not very happy about it, this is the type of brother that we all deserve. I secretly wish I had a little sister so I could go to a Justin Bieber concert.

17. This is definitely the most morbid photo in this article, but Grandpa clearly has a great sense of humor about it. You're never too old to be the butt of a joke.

18. If our parents were always overprotective, we would have never grown up. This dad is clearly a believer in that theory, because he has absolutely no mercy. I hope she catches it and gets him out.

19. When you're a man in a family of all girls, you just have to embrace it like this guy did. I was going to make a Frozen pun, but I decided to let it go.

20. They're gonna learn how to play eventually, and water pong is a really great way to keep kids hydrated. The mom should be thanking him for being such a good babysitter.


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