Friday, November 3, 2017

20 Brides Who Should Have Said No To The Dress

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life (or so I've been told). For a bride, it's probably the day you'll look your absolute best as you walk down that aisle in front of all your friends and family. The tears. The love. So special.
The first thing people will see is that beautiful white dress coming down the aisle, so without a doubt, it's the part most brides stress out about the most.
Most brides.
However, these brides may have either overthought the process, or not thought it out at all, because these are some pretty fantastic fashion disasters. 
Not like anyone will actually tell them, though. It's their day! Let them have it! 

1. Great way to save money on catering 

2. She's so happy that she's bursting at the seams 

3. Hopefully her marriage holds up better 

4. Is it lit? Is it fire? You decide 

5. Keeping it retro with this look 

6. I swear we're marrying out of love. Why do you keep asking about a green card? 

7. You're the wind beneath my wings 

8. When they keep calling your husband a clown 

9. Just so we're clear on who the real star of this wedding is

10. She kinda looks like a half-shaved poodle 

11. What I imagine "Barbie's First Wedding" would look like 

12. Clearly, she has some issues with showing off her shoulders

13. She probably has a great personality

14. Spent all her money on the honeymoon starter pack 

15. Plays Mortal Kombat once 

16. OK, DON'T MOVE for the next 7 hours or so

17. What I imagine it would be like to marry a judge 

18. When he's a nice guy, but ball is life 

19. He's so proud 

20. Does anyone object to this marriage? –Literally everyone 

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