Monday, November 13, 2017

23 When-You-See-It Pics For Some Solid Giggles

Sometimes we take pictures without realizing how perfect those shots are until we take a long look at them later. Sometimes we intentionally throw a gag in there, but the biggest LOL moments come from nowhere. Whether we do it on purpose or we end up doing a double take later, there's nothing better than catching things at the perfect time.

1. Why the long face?

2. And thus the villain from Toy Story 3was born.

3. Vegan? Hmm…must be Australian slang for "bacon"!

4. I wanted frozen yogurt, but my kids wanted Frozen yogurt.

5. You justify eating it because it actually looks like a chicken drumstick, not just a sad oval.  

6. I'm pretty sure that's the complete opposite of where you're supposed to sit.

7. Uber is taking over my city, so why not the lake?  We'll just pretend that sign doesn't exist...

8. This man truly inspires me to sleep more.

9. I'd steer clear of this "dog friendly" beach.

10. Look, young bug, it's your mother!

11. To some people it's junk, but to me, that's my shadow friend.

12. You know you're having a good day when your matching game is on point.

13. A dead body in a cemetery?!  Of all places!

14. If the plaid thing is working for you, why change it?

15. Karate uniform + dad's sweater = accidental Jedi.

Not only can she break a piece of balsa wood with her bare hands, but she can also move X-Wings with her mind.

16. What people look like with and without eye makeup.

17. Hmm... Poor girl, eating all alone!

18. I'm a little worried about that man...

19. Who's that in the mirror?

20. What a beautiful little tow—wait, what?

21. I see what you did there...

22. They'll let anyone in these days!

23. Oh man... someone didn't read the card!


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