Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8 Snakes To Prove That They're Nothing To Fear But Lots To Love

I've never been very fond of snakes but never terrified of them like some people are... Spiders are my scary thing. Even so, I hadn't thought much of snakes as a cute animal or even one I would be interested in learning more about, but I'm quickly learning that that might have been a big mistake! 

Turns out that snakes are like sneaky cute. Didn't see it coming.

Like, look at this little fellow in his top hat!

He's so dapper, I bet he has a great accent and some sort of trust fund...or old family money. I get those vibes.

Ohh, he's all cozied up for Christmas! 

She looks very fetching in red, I've got to say. Plus that hat? Over-the-top adorableness. I can't help but wonder what she asked Santa for.

He is hugging the computer! 

Probably to steal its warmth, but still this is almost too much. He looks so content and relaxed. The most chill friend ever.

What a pretty unicorn! Pink is really her color.

I bet that her little snake house has like a million pillows and that everything is in various shades of pastel. 

Have you ever seen a happier little friend?

I don't think anyone in my life is this happy to see me at any time. This is like dog-level happy.

This little guy is super photogenic. This is like the selfie of my dreams!

I love his eyes — he almost looks like a stuffed animal or something, almost too cute to be real.

This snake is my favorite, I think, because I also love tea. 

Imagine having a tea party gossiping with this little lady? She probably has so many stories to tell.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty convinced that snakes have been lowkey adorable this whole time.

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