Sunday, November 5, 2017

Artist Paints Children's Medical Helmets Into Helmets Anyone Would Want

When a child has a lasting flat spot on their head, it is often the case that a corrective helmet needs to be worn for some time to reshape that part of the skull. This condition, known as flat-head syndrome, affects as many as 1 in every 10 children but is completely reversible if it is caught before the skull has fully hardened. 

Most of the time, these helmets are quite plain 0 but this is changing after artist Paula Strawn began to decorate them. Her incredible artwork has brought a smile to the face of hundreds of children who wear her decorated helmets. You have to see these!
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Look at how cool this helmet has become!

He seems to enjoy it quite a bit. 

Here's another shot of the little guy. 

This picture was too cute not to include!

This helmet has this little man's name right on it. 

He must be a big Disney fan. 

Paula even customizes the helmet to show off the family's favorite team, or in this case, teams. 

A Detroit family I see!

Here's a pink helmet with a beautiful rose on it. 

Here's a tiny astronaut and his nifty space helmet.

A tiara for this little princess. 

Now this one is one of my favorites. Check out this little pilot. 

A Where the Wild Things Are-inspired helmet. 

Maybe this one's my favorite. 

Here's Violet with her beautiful helmet. 

Van Gogh would be proud!

The pilot helmet is a favorite it seems!

You can see how much her art really makes the helmet come to life. 


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