Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Co-Workers Buy Teen A Jeep After Learning He Walks To And From Work Every Day

How far would you go to help a member of your family? For 19-year-old Derrick, the answer is five miles to work and five miles home on foot. At 14, he was forced to find a job to help pay for his sick mom's medical bills, as well as for other household needs. 

Derrick has worked for UPS for more than a year, where he begins a day of loading and unloading trucks at 4 a.m. To make that start time, he would have to wake up in the middle of the night, since he walks to work.

The walk is five miles, but Derrick couldn't afford a car. Co-workers often offered him rides, but he didn't like having to ask for help. 

So instead, those co-workers pooled their money, collecting $1,100 — enough to buy Derrick a used Jeep Cherokee. 

On what appeared to be a normal work day, the keys were presented to Derrick by co-worker J.D. Ward. 

"The group here, we've got some good news for you. Everybody came together and you don't have to walk no more. You've got your own ride," Ward said in the video taken of the event. 

"This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town."

Derrick responded, "If I could, I would go around and thank everybody one by one. This is really going to change a lot for me, so thank you again."

To celebrate, he took his girlfriend Miriam for a ride. 

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