Thursday, November 2, 2017

Man Transforms Himself Into Disney Princesses

I still love all things Disney. When I find out that there is a new film coming out, I get just as excited as my little sister. I enjoy the newer Disney movies, but the older films have my heart. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, and Aladdin are a few of my favorites, and I love every princess in these movies for a different reason. Ariel is adventurous, Belle is a fan of reading, and Jasmine is spunky. Each princess has different characteristics, and I see myself in each one of them. I always wanted to be a princess, and I low-key still do. 

Richard Schaefer is one guy who is living out my childhood dream because he dresses up as princesses and many other Disney characters. He eats, breathes, and lives Disney, and he visits Walt Disney parks all the time. Must be nice. His transformations will shock you and have you thinking: is that really him? He's crazy good! 

Richard Schaefer

It seems like every day is Halloween for Richard Schaefer. He has dressed up as Snow White, Aurora, and even Merida. He rocks every single costume he puts on!


Richards transforms into so many princesses, which means he needs tons of wigs and costumes. He has a collection of 40 costumes and 30 wigs. Crazy! In this picture, the wig looks very real. Look at how that hair flows in the wind! 


I can't even. I'm at a loss for words because he nailed this look to the T. Stunning!


This costume is so on point! P.S. what lip color does he have on? I love it! 


Every character he recreates has a unique face structure and features, so contour comes in handy. Look how well he recreated Rapunzel's big, buggy eyes. By the way, it approximately takes Richard two hours to do his makeup. You can't rush perfection. 

Elsa and Anna

The braids look so good! I don't think that there is a Disney character he can't pull off.


This is one Greek goddess who has a ton of sass! Can't you already tell?


Richard dresses up as many male Disney characters, too. He has dressed up as Peter Pan and Terence from Tinker Bell.Aladdin is my favorite character he has dressed up as, and he pulls it off so well!


Princess Jasmine is my favorite princess! The outfit she is wearing is almost identical to the one she wears in Aladdin.Also, can we talk about how on fleek his makeup is? Those lashes, though!


Under the gown, Richard is wearing, he has on a steel-boned corset and chest padding. This shapes his body into an hourglass silhouette! By the way, have you noticed how beautiful his costumes are so far? I was shocked to find out that Richard creates some of his own costumes. That's amazing! No wonder his costumes look so authentic.


He doesn't always dress up sweet. Richard can pull off one mean queen. Evil, but I love it! 

The transformation 

Look at how much he's changed. His skills have improved tremendously, and he's just getting better. Richard has definitely come a long way, and his message is to never give up. We all have to start somewhere! 

What was your favorite makeover? Comment to let us know what you think! 


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