Saturday, November 18, 2017

Must Be Nice

Don't you wish you could wake up one day and decide that today is the day I no longer give a damn about anything? 

Like that one scene in the movie Office Space where the main character is hypnotized into a state of total apathy, but then his hypnotist has a heart attack and dies before he can be snapped out of it, so he just goes along living his life without a care in the world. You know the one I'm talking about? 

So it would be like that, only I wouldn't need a hypnotist and no one would have to die. 

I'd wake up one morning and be magically absolved of every care I ever had. 

That's the life I wanna live. Then I could do all these fun things.

1. Like eating mayo straight from a jar while riding the city bus

2. Smile in a mugshot

3. Walk through a drive-thru and place an order

4. Do whatever you call this

5. Take a nap in a pile of watermelons

6. Be completely oblivious to time and date


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