Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Perfect Pictures Of Food To Boost Your Feels

Everyone needs a little break from time to time.

And we all know the best breaks are those filled with food.

Food has a way of coming in and calming us, making us feel all the good feels and momentarily making us forget about the world around us.

The coolest part is this: even just looking at pictures of food can help give us a similar sense of calm and happiness. The more perfect the pictures, the calmer and happier we can feel!  

Don't believe me? You need to see these pictures more than anyone else then! 

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1. Food gives us good feels. 

Even just looking at pictures of perfect foods can fill us with so much calm and happy, we can hardly keep it to ourselves. 

2. Fried foods have a special kind of magic...

Like these perfectly placed crispy onion rings...

3. They give us a sense of cozy comfort...

Like these perfectly rolled and fried little panzerottis. 

4. It really is just like a big bear hug on a rainy day. 

It's one of the best feels in the world, isn't it? But if fried food isn't your thing... 

5. You might be surprised, but yes, even looking at healthy foods may boost your mood. 

Think of it as nutrition for the soul. 

6. It feeds our feels in all the best ways. 

Just look at this.

7. The colors are so calming...

This pink power smoothie has enough passion to fuel all your happy feels. 

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8. Main meals make for some pretty powerful photos...

I feel happy and hungry, which is way better than plain old hangry. 

9. Oh yeah, all worries are out the window with this one. 

Get ready for a level of satisfaction only food can bring. 

10. And here? This deconstructed sushi's spicy mayo stripes have a way of erasing all that's gone wrong...

... and replacing those feels with the happiness of creamy avocado. 

For something simple to boost your mood, turn to the next page. 

11. Sometimes simple really is sweetest. 

Exhibit A: let the bubbles take you to your happy place. 

12. This pink frosting just wants you to forget your sorrows. 

You wouldn't want to disappoint this beauty, would you? 

13. This frozen ice pop will cool you down when things get heated. 

Always there to show its care. 

14. And of course... the very sweetest feels come from epic desserts. 

Like this perfectly piled piece of carrot cake and side of whip cream dream. 

15. These perfectly swirled soft serves can calm any nerves. 

Soak all that sweetness in. 

16. And finally, these perfectly scooped spheres of sweetness...

... it's like you've got the whole world in your hands. Enjoy! 

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