Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Moment A Blind Man Sees His Wife For The First Time Is Exactly What Everyone Needs

Seeing the beautiful world around us is something that most of us can do but rarely appreciate for more than a few seconds. Gene Purdie from Denver has been legally blind as a result of Stargardt's disease for the last fifteen years. For this time, Gene hasn't been able to see more than the outline of objects and people around him. With the help of special glasses designed to aid those with certain type of vision problems, he was able to see his wife, parents, and son for the first time. You have to see this moment...

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Gene Purdie has navigated this world with a rare eye disease that only allows him to see the outline of his visual field. 

As a result, faces or objects in the center of his vision are blurred. 

In fact, he almost didn't meet his wife for the first time because of the disease. "When we actually met, he kept walking by," said his wife Joy in an interview.

"The next time I saw him I was like 'What's your deal?'" added Joy. 

After he told her that he was blind, Joy remembers responding "Okay, well you can come sit with me." The rest is history!

Throughout their relationship, Gene has tried his hardest not to let the condition affect how helpful he was able to be. 

Here is Gene looking at a recipe book so he can prepare his family a meal. 

When Joy was watching the Rachel Ray show one day, she saw a woman have her vision restored temporarily with special glasses.

Joy was so affected that she contacted the show to see if they could potentially help Gene. 

Well, the show responded and they were glad to have Gene and the family come on!

Here is the family prepping for one of the most intense experiences of their lives. 

The glasses that would help Gene see work by first taking a video of the outside world. The images are then organized in a way that bypasses the typical problems Gene's retina has when viewing the world. 

The high definition images shown back to the person wearing the glasses allows them to get more out of the image with their existing impairment. 

Next comes the moment of truth...

When the moment finally comes, the first person he sees is his wife Joy. On the large screen in the back, you can see what Gene is currently seeing. 

Gene's first words? "Wow, she's pretty."

When he sees his son Lincoln and Joy at the same time, he can't help but to start crying.

What an unbelievable moment!

Joy is taken over by the moment as well. 

You have to see the full video to truly appreciate Gene's experience. 

Here is the video showing Gene's first time seeing his family.


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