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This Model Spent Over $120k To Look Like A 'Disney Princess'

It comes as no surprise that sometimes people wish they could look more like their favorite characters. Whether it be Batman, Elsa, Harry Potter, or countless others, they tend to represent an ideal we look up to. However, some people take this idea a bit too far.

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This is Pixee Fox. She is a model originally from Sweden.

She eventually moved to Northern Carolina, like many, to pursue her dream.

Pixee, once an electrician, began her modeling career in 2009, at the age of 19.

Around this time she had formed her dream and begun her transformation.

Between the years of 2010 and 2013, Pixee had drastic changes done to her through many surgeries.

She had long dreamed of having a smaller nose, but also had browlifts, breast augmentations, and eyebrow surgery, among other procedures.

On top of all of this surgery, she also got a series of tattoos.

They were not your usual tattoos however. She had herself given permanent eyeliner, lipstick, and brow makeup.

Shockingly, Pixee Fox refers to this stage as only her "pre-transformation." The real changes had yet to begin.

At this point Pixee, in her own words, stopped caring what others thought of her looks.

She no longer cared if people could tell that she had surgery done or not, and so sought out the body she truly desired.

Pixee admits that she began to enjoy the process, which totaled around $120,000.

She states that she truly enjoys the feeling of changing and modifying her body.

On top of continued plastic surgeries such as butt lifts and more breast augments, she began wearing corsets 24/7.

Pixee's constant goal was to look like a cartoon character rather than a Barbie. Her biggest inspirations were Tinkerbell and Jessica Rabbit.

Pixee, alongside documenting her journey through her own website, also uses instagram.

She currently has over 70,000 followers on the social media website.

And somehow this still wasn't the most dramatic change Pixee would go through.

Pixee made the incredible decision to remove 6 of her own ribs for her goal.

The $9,000 surgery removed 6 of her ribs and she claims has made wearing her corsets more comfortable.

The model's waist now sits at a mind boggling 16 inches around.

And this isn't the end for Pixee, she has more surgeries planned for the future, such as hip implants.

Whatever you may feel on the matter though, it's been a dramatic transformation for sure.

It's been a long, and expensive, journey for Pixee. Who knows what the future holds for her.

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