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These Are The 16 Worst Movies Of 2017 So You know To Avoid Them

These Are The 16 Worst Movies Of 2017 So You know To Avoid Them

If you're like me, then you watch a lot of movies.

So you probably know that while there have been some great movies this year, there have also been some spectacularly bad ones, and we need to talk about them.

In no particular order, these are my picks for the worst movies of 2017 so far...

1. The Bye Bye Man 

The Bye Bye Man is a creepy ghoul in a hoodie who, along with his weird dog, haunts people who think about his name. Seriously, it's that simple.

Sometimes when he shows up, there are lights and train noises, but it's literally never explained why. 

2. The Shack 

The Shackis a faith-based drama about a father who spends a weekend hanging out with God after a horrific family tragedy. 

It's a strange movie that is half over-the-top church sermon and half serial killer crime drama, but Octiva Spencer plays God, so at least there's that! 

3. Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

Not even Rihanna could save this movie from falling victim to its own high expectations. 

If you can ignore the awkward script and the total lack of chemistry between Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne, at least this movie is gorgeousto watch.

4. All Eyez On Me 

Even with a story as popular and interesting as the life of Tupac Shakur, All Eyez On Metotally blew it. 

Jada Pinkett Smith and 50 Cent both slammed this movie for its historical inaccuracies, and fans even turned the controversy into a meme. 

5. The Mummy 


Why did they even bother to make this movie when the 1999 version is a perfectmovie? 

To make matters worse, this was the movie that was supposed to launch Universal's Dark Universe. Oh well, it was worth it to get this hysterical trailer that was accidentally uploaded without sound effects. 

6. The Snowman 

I still can't believe this movie is real. I mean, the bizarre ad campaign for it literallylooked like a joke.

But alas, The Snowmanis a very real movie, and it's also very, very bad. 

7. The Circle 

This movie is basically just the longest and least interesting episode of Black Mirroryou've ever seen. 

The all-star cast includes Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega, but their talents are totally wasted. 

8. Rings 

This movie stars Leonard from Big Bang Theoryas a Bad Boy™ university professor, and it literally gets even worst. In fact, pretty much every character is either super boring or totally unlikable. 

This movie had me wishing this tweet was about a real movie. 

9. Baywatch

The biggest reason that I hate this movie is that it made me realize the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is just a human being capable of mistakes like the rest of us. 

How dare you take that from me!

10. Monster Trucks

To be honest, this movie is so bad it's actually very good. But I love garbage movies, so you shouldn't trust me. 

Basically, it's about monsters...that live in trucks. It's terrible and everyone should watch it. 

11. The Dark Tower 

I wanted this movie to be good so much, but even casual Stephen King fans knew there was no wayone movie could cover all of the complex storylines in The Dark Towerseries.

What we ended up with was a movie that disappointed fans familiar with the series and confused everyone else. 

12. The Emoji Movie 


The best thing about this movie is just how savage the criticism of it was. One critic wrote, "It’s amazing that we can put a man on the moon but movies like this still somehow get made,” and that's not even the harshest review.

13. Assassin's Creed 

Can we stop making video game movies, please? Does anyone actually like them? 

This is the second movie on this list that stars Michael Fassbender, by the way, so you should be happy to know that 2017 has been equally rough on everyone. 

14. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 

I was pumped for this movie because I think we deserve a good movie about King Arthur, but this wasn't it. 

This movie is exactly the same as every other mediocre action movie you've seen. Skip it. 

15. The Last Face 

People hatethis movie. In fact, the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival actually booed it during its premiere.

Criticism of the film ranged from calling it cheesy to borderline racist. Whatever the verdict, it was definitely a mess. 

16. Fifty Shades Darker 

This movie is basically just a long and expensive soap opera. But hey, if that's your thing, then it's perfect for you. 

What was your least favorite movie this year? Did I bash a movie that you actually liked? COMMENTand let us know. 

42 Funny Pictures For People Who Need A LOL

42 Funny Pictures For People Who Need A LOL

My phone died on Saturday. I fell behind on memes, and my parents thought I was dead, but all things considered, it was quite refreshing not being tied to the thing for once. 

Sadly, the nature of my job means I can't go without my phone, so I got right back to it and found loads of funny pics for this awesome list.

1. "Mom's going on a long vacation, kids."

And if they're just playing around, they're opening the door wide open for her to say "Don't you mean 'welcome home to prison'?"

But is it really the same without the laugh track?

2. Amen.

Like, it's not even like we're greedy and asking for those really good dreams that seem to last hours even though it only took us like 30 minutes to have them.

We just want what we're owed here.

3. Accurate.

Honestly, why do we even still bother with this nonsense? 

It doesn't really matter like it used to and everyone's schedule gets messed up for a couple of days every time.

4. Wow!

Every now and then, I come across what I can only describe as an admirable lack of shame. 

Like, everybody says they don't care, but only a select few are willing to actually prove it.

5. Too real.

It's a rough transition trying to write memes on rocks and animals you meet just to stay sane.

And I'll tell you, that badger really didn't appreciate how lit I thought he was.

6. The life.

"Pour me another one, Carol. The mouse actually laughed at me this time. I really need to find another job."

Yeah, let's just say I know that look very well at this point.

7. Get it in.

Ice cream's always been a weird double-edged sword for me too. It's delicious, but it's also the only food with a built-in time limit that you can't be too fast or too slow about. 

8. Rebel.

I've always felt that telling people they're not allowed to do something only makes 'em want to do it more. 

I hope whoever made this sign understands the chaos they've just unleashed.

9. Good one.

The best part about this is how simply it's able to make its point. 

Meanwhile, I have to do the exact opposite just to point out how clever that is. Huh.

10. It's uncanny.

Well, I guess it wouldn't be the first unnecessary live-action remake we've seen lately. At least we'd know who to cast now.

And I guess that movie would be the easiest paycheck Matt Damon ever earned.

11. They actually did it!

The customer may not always be right, but as long as they come up with ideas like this every now and then, it's fine if they wanna talk to my manager.

12. Legendary.

Hell, I'd say that somehow pulling off the turning-water-into-wine trick is worth a superlike. 

And if you wanna tell me it's Photoshop, that's fine, but just be aware that this makes you a hater.

13. It's a trap.

Aww, it's not your fault that they don't list the tax on the price tag. Seriously, what's the point of it if that's not what you have to pay?

14. I'm a sucker for a good deal.

This would be nothing without all those signs saying "Wow, it's a deal!" 

Like, not even "Wow, what a great deal!" It's just technically a deal.

15. Me neither, man.

It's not often that I pine for memes of old but that — excuse me, dat — one is definitely an exception. He was just loving life on a unicycle, and we were always so excited to see him. Good times.

16. Of course.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there's somebody out there who actually believes this. 

I mean, we already know some of them wouldn't be fazed if you started your explanation off with "you know how the Earth is flat, right?"

17. Marketing genius.

That kind of clever wit definitely needs to be rewarded. I think the rule should be that if you laugh, you automatically have to hand over a dollar.

18. That's why you should always measure.

19. Addition is hard, okay?!

20. He's so pumped to be here.

Normally, I'd have some kind of snarky alternate reason for him to be smiling like that. But honestly, I think most of us are just looking at him like "I wish I liked my job that much."

And it's sure to make the happy couple proud.

That's the kind of service that gets you repeat customers with even stranger requests. And hey, it's good to keep things interesting.

21. It's going to be a long year.

22. To be fair, who makes brown soap?

23. Open yo eyes!

24. This can only end one way...

25. There had to have been another way.

26. Close but not quite...

27. This one's a classic.

28. Saw that coming a mile away.

29. A film about respiratory challenges in the roaring '20s.

30. Hey man, I think there's a better way to use that.

31. I guess you're wearing wrinkled pants today and won't be having any s'mores.

32. Who's their editor?



"relating to, living in, or suited for both land and water."

33. I feel like this student should be failed for whatever they're taking.

34. This is an awfully good way to get your bike stolen. 

35. I would be surprised if this kind of thing wasn't commonplace at Starbucks. 

36. Gas Booster? If it can energize my car, it can energize my body... Right?

37. Ariana Grande is the only font you should ever use for essays. 

38. I can't believe it's not better!

39. Ah, Professor, we meet again!

40. That's not what I meeeeeeean...

41. Life hack? Hmmm...

42. Might need some ice for that burn.