Friday, December 8, 2017

10 Pictures That Could Prove Ghosts Are Real

There are so many things floating around in the world that it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't. To make matters even more difficult, technology has progressed to the point where we can manipulate photos and videos, adding things into them despite them not even having been there. Similarly, ghosts, apparitions, demons, and all of those spooky other things are always up for debate. Whether you're on the side that believes they exist or whether you're adamant in your disbelief, the pictures of them generally prove to be scary. Personally, I think there COULD be ghosts around, but I've never seen one, nor have I ever seen a picture or video that has convinced me of them. These pictures, however... Well, let's just say this is some pretty spooky stuff.

1. Apparently, this photo was taken in the Parisian Catacombs. The writing says, "Stop, this here lies the empire of the dead." Oh, what's that? A GHOST!?

2. Hey, at least it's a ghost in a church, right? That means it can't be bad... I think?

3. Sooo, child ghosts/demons always scare me the most and, hey, look at that, there's one inside the TV!

4. According to reddit user wargy2, this picture was taken from a friend's phone who said her home was haunted. Yeah... I would have moved out.

5. Apparently the body was never in the photo when it was taken, as shown by the calm nature of the people in it, but hey, now there's a body!

6. The shadowy figure next to one person is that of Freddy Jackon, a soldier who had passed prior to the photo.

7. Ah yes, nothing like a demonic child appearing in the middle of an abandoned elementary school.

8. Soo, who is that person hanging out beside you? A ghost? Oh, cool.

9. This first image doesn't have anything in it, but you can see the dress in the right window. She'll be in the next picture, but make sure to check that window again.

If this was my house, I would just never return. It belongs to that person in the window, it's not mine. He clearly has dibs.

10. And finally, another ghost child to end the terror. Looks like a normal kid, right? This photo was taken from a surveillance camera in a house where no kids were present. 


Author: verified_user