Wednesday, December 27, 2017

13 Confessions Of The L.A. Lakers Girls

Some call them cheerleaders, but the L.A. Lakers Girls are first and foremost a dance team. They don't wave pom-poms around and you probably won't see a human pyramid. And while the girls seem friendly on the court, behind the scenes is a whole other matter. There are cat-fights, insane body standards, rivals with other cheerleaders – and that's just scratching the surface. Here are 15 confessions from the Laker Girls that will make you see them in a whole other light.

1. While some teams hate the term "cheerleader" the Laker Girls, for the most part, don't mind it.

Theyknow they're a dance team and that's all that matters.

2. There's actually a huge wage gap!

For what they do, the Laker Girls only get paid about $9 an hour. And that's up from the $5 an hour they used to get paid.

3. During the audition process, the girls are given a routine on the spot that they must memorize.

4. Even though being a Laker Girl is considered "part-time" most of the time they work full-time hours.

5. And all the Girls are either full-time students, or students with another part-time job.

That's a lot to do in a day!

6. While pretty much banned now, the Girls used to go through "jiggle tests" to see how fit they were.

7. They all have very strong dance and performance backgrounds.

That's important because performance is what they do!

8. If you're a Laker Girl from a previous year, you MUST re-audition.

Normally former Girls are allowed to skip the first round and jump right into the second round.

9. Most rehearsals are about four hours in the evenings, and on game days, the Girls work more than eight hours!

Along with all the other stuff they do, that makes for long days.

10. Almost all the Girls are in school, or have a degree.

11. The Girls really need to be aware of the social media they put out.

They are allowed to post any pictures they like, even of their family and pets, but nothing that would paint them in a negative light. However, pictures are allowed if they're in any sort of Lakers gear.

12. The Laker Girls are not allowed to date any of the LA Lakers and are immediately fired if they get involved with one.

13. They need to have a lot of knowledge about the team and the players in case they're interviewed by the media.

The Laker Girls are way more than just pretty faces.

Though, they have those too!

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