Sunday, December 31, 2017

14 Facebook Posts That Will Make You Facepalm

It's fascinating (in a sad way) how dumb some people are and how ignorance takes over most of their Facebook feeds. If you thought your friends on Facebook were bad, just wait till you see these people's statuses and comments. You'll want to hug the dumbest of your Facebook friends to thank them for not being as dumb as these people. Seriously. These people's fails on Facebook are absolutely hilarious. And yes, to be fair, mistakes happen and they might not all be a complete lost cause as intellectual human beings, but it's pretty funny that these mistakes were made public due to Facebook. Thanks, Facebook, we owe you one. 

1. I'm surprised this person knew how to even operate an elevator

2. I hope this person's resolution isn't to get into a prestigious university 

3. Dat is crazy doe

4. I give up on humanity

5. Marilyn Monroe was so wise in regards to the rules of text messaging

6. When you point a finger, you've got three pointing back at you...

7. When you publicly fail at being a vegetarian 

8. Damn Hippocrates, always Hippocratizing 

9. I don't no.

10. The irony is strong with this one

11. That's a very good point, commenter

12. Patriotic, he is not

12. This is why natural selection is a thing

13. That's highly awkward

14. This is so sad but so funny at the same time


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