Friday, December 22, 2017

15 Kids Who Know How To Ruin A Picture

Kids are more capable than we think, and if there's one thing they're really good at, it's ruining things. Your new leather couch or your laptop might be the first things that spring to mind, but it turns out they also have a talent for sabotaging pictures. 

Here to demonstrate that talent are 15 kids who really worked it for the camera!

1. This evil-looking gnome child who's about to flash the camera 

2. This kid who doesn't find dolphins beautiful or magestic

3. This flower girl who's about to turn into the Hulk and eat the photographer

4. This kid who just wants to fit in

5. This little anarchist 

6. This baby who's judging you for wearing a women's fedora and drinking before noon

7. This kid who knew exactly what he was doing

8. This little girl who decided to pull some Superstar type tree love

9. This girl who caught sight of Mitt Romney's tail

10. The little photobomber who actually made this awkward couple's selfie a lot better

11. This kid who wanted in on the action

12. This newborn who made it clear the feeling was not mutual 

13. This baby who loves a good close up shot

14. This kid who couldn't care less about the Australian Prime Minister 

15. This little girl who is not impressed with your beach bod

Main image via reddit / jtdc

Collage image via Awkward Family Photos 


Author: verified_user