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15 On-Set Secrets About 'Easy A'

Emma Stone is one of the most recognizable people in Hollywood. She's been in SO many movies like Crazy Stupid Love, The House Bunny and The Amazing Spider-Man! And how can we forget about Easy A?! It's literally a movie you can rewatch over and over again and still laugh at the same parts. That movie made Emma a star and you'll never believe some of the behind-the-scenes fact about this comedy. Read on but only if you're listening to "Pocketful of Sunshine" at the same time! 

1. Emma Stone really wanted the part but couldn't make the audition in person so she did it over Skype. The scene that she auditioned with was the opening webcam scene in the movie! 

2. Emma's brother wanted to be in the movie, so he made an appearance at the party that Olive and Brandon go to! 

3. The producers really love food. Did you notice that all of Olive's family members are named after foods? Her parents are named Dill and Rosemary; her younger brother is called Chip and the older brother is named Kale! And of course, you have Olive!

What a delicious family!

4. Olive Penderghast isn't a random name. Olive is an anagram for 'I love' and Penderghast is an anagram for 'pretend shag." LITERALLY THE PLOT OF THE ENTIRE MOVIE IS IN HER NAME. 

Mind blown. 

5. is actually a website! But it just takes you to the Sony Pictures website for the movie. 

6. Emma was so into the funny fake sex scene that she had an asthma attack and needed an oxygen tank to recover! The scene took hours to film while she was jumping on the bed and screaming. That's actually how she found out that she had asthma! 

7. Emma's favorite part of the movie is when Olive sings along to "Pocketful of Sunshine." That has to be everyone's fav scene! 

8. Olive says that she's not a Gossip Girl when Rhiannin asks her if she's in love with George. Olive's love interest in the movie is played by Penn Badgley who ended up actually being Gossip Girl on the show! 


9. Did you notice that in almost every scene, there is an orange or a bag of oranges? Apparently, the director really just liked the way it looked on camera.  

Another reason to rewatch the movie! 

10. The movie that Olive goes to see is called Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe, which is German for The Scarlet Letter. That's the book that Olive is reading in her English class! 

11. Easy A is a classic high school movie but Emma never went to high school! She moved out to LA to pursue acting so she was homeschooled! 

I guess she got kind of a high school experience doing this movie?

12. Fans were angry when they found out Cam Gigandet was going to play a teenager because he was already in his mid 20s. The writers decided to add in an inside joke about it. In the movie, Olive jokes that Micah might actually still be in high school at the age of 22. 

Yeah... he was old and he looked old too! He def did not look like a high school student!

13. This is Amanda Bynes' last movie. She decided to stop acting after filming Easy A. And we're all still really sad about it. 

*SOBS* We could've had it all! Amanda and Emma could have ruled the comedy world together! 

14. All the members of the Cross Your Heart club wear purple rubber bracelets! 

15. When Olive goes to the bookstore to read the Bible, the clerk tells her to find it in the bestsellers section and that it's right beside Twilight. Cam was in the first Twilight movie as the main villain, James!

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