Tuesday, December 12, 2017

15 Times People Sacrificed Their Dignity To Step Up Their Selfie Game

Selfies occur when you agree to trade your dignity for likes on the internet. Getting fifteen likes on a selfie is equivalent to giving yourself a participation ribbon for being basic as hell. Loosely defined as the opposite of respectable, the selfie has now become the most popular way to make yourself appear decent-looking to the outside world. 

Although moderately annoying to the untrained eye, selfies can sometimes be so ridiculous that they are hilarious. When a selfie fails so hard that it becomes funny, you can expect it to go viral and be trolled for weeks to come. Even though this fame is often short-lived, you will find the subjects of such selfies relishing their fleeting stardom with no regrets. After all, regardless how self-deprecating a selfie is, the point is always to attract attention, and whether this attention is that of admiration or disgust doesn't seem to matter. 

That being said, let's not pretend that your camera roll isn't filled with enough ammunition to write another one of these articles.

1. The coveted banana selfie is both nutritious and suspicious.

2. This selfie is on fire.

3. Sometimes you just want to lighten the mood.

Ever wonder why your mother told you never to play with guns? Check out #6 and you'll probably want tougher firearm regulations.

4. She says she wanted a bad boy, so he gave 100 as usual.

5. If you're tired of getting played, find a man who literally shows you what he's working with.

6. When you want your Tinder profile picture to reflect just how hard you really are.

If you've ever been more invested in a relationship than your partner, you will appreciate #9.

7. If you got them, use them. 

8. When you're at a funeral, but you you're looking fine AF. 

9. When you just wanted one good picture with them, but the love is not reciprocated. 

If you were the girl in #12, which would you do first: take a selfie or go to the hospital?

10. It's all about the angle.

11. This is what happens to the girls who claim they are independent women who don't need no man. 

12. There has never been a better evidence of Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection. 

After you see #15, the term "break a leg" will have a whole new meaning. 

13. Screw friends. Get a damn selfie stick. 

14. When the hospital can't even harsh your vibe.

15. Some people will do whatever it takes to get that selfie gold. 


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