Thursday, December 7, 2017

16 Hilarious Pics Everyone Who Lives At Home Can Relate To

There are a TON of benefits to living at home: free rent, laundry machines, a fully stocked fridge. But there are also parents. All of the time, doing the most ridiculous things. And listen, parents are great! They're awesome! We literally wouldn't be here without them! But sometimes they do things that truly make us shake our head. If you're living at home, you'll totally relate to these hilarious pictures. 

1. When your mom says something like this.

Which she says. Constantly...all of the time. Mom, can't you just take a chill pill and let me RELAX?!

2. When you ask for "cold, hard cash" and get this.

The only thing that is cold is this kid's parents' sense of humor. Really!? Actual frozen cash?! Also, this is genius, let's be real.

3. When your parents think you're stronger than you really are.

Like this picture..."My dad thought 2-year-old me was strong enough to hang from the curtain rod while he takes a picture." Can't even handle this. Sobbing for literal days.

4. How your parents introduce you to their friends...

Just because I never want to leave my room! Leave me ALONE. I'm doing fine, seriously.

5. You have a ton of photos from when you were a child... dangerous situations like this, all because your dad thought it was funny. OKAY DAD. GUESS MY LIFE ISN'T PRECIOUS.

6. You finally wore your dad down.

And he loves it. And his life is much better for it. And you were right this ENTIRE TIME.

7. Your parents constantly make you do stuff like this.

And since you live under their roof, you have to oblige. Sure, it's humiliating and embarrassing but what can you do? YOU LIVE AT HOME, OKAY.

8. Dad is always decorating with ridiculous signs like this.

Hardy har har, Dad. REAL funny. Dads should be comedians, right?!

9. This situation seems very familiar.

Like, how? How do they do that though? It's some kind of magic trick or weird talent or something.

10. You walk into this more times than is necessary. 

It's cute, yes. A little disturbing? For SURE. But it's also perfect. 

11. You're very used to your mom's expression when your dad cooks.

Not sure if it can even be called "cooking." More like...throwing random things together and hoping for the best. At least he tries.

12. You get these texts constantly, even though your mom is in the next room over.

But it's too far so she just texts you. I mean, really, this whole situation could so easily be avoided. Oh well, the price of getting to do your laundry for free!

13. Literally this happens every single time.

It hurts so bad! Just one little vacation with my friends? NOPE. The rudest.

14. When you live at home, mom's rules are endgame.

No matter how embarrassing they are for you. Which is all of the time. Mom, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE.

15. It hurts how real this is. 

Listen, I'm not proud of this. But it is what it is! At least I'm owning up to it...

16. Okay, these parents win.

If this happens to you it's for sure the most embarrassing, but when it happens to someone else it's genius. These parents really know how to troll their own son. 


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