Sunday, December 3, 2017

16 Online Dating Profiles That Might Have You Regretting Breaking Up With Your Ex

For every online dating success story I've heard, I've heard twice as many Tinder nightmare scenarios. Let's just say the ratio here doesn't inspire much hope. There is always that time between deactivating your Tinder profile to when you decide to reactivate it, where you completely forget the disturbing messages sent your way. After week one of Tindering, you begin to remember why it is that you terminated your profile in the first place. This is what I call the "twilight zone," and I'm not referring to the television show. Instead, I'm talking about the moment in time where you realize that you've been there and done that before — with no success. 

If online dating is as bad as I think it is, why do we keep trying? Some would say that they have faith in true love, soulmates or whatever bullshit sappy movies have told them. Others will admit that they have needs that need to be satisfied. My excuse is a bit different. I believe the only reason that I keep attempting to wade through this intimacy wasteland is because I'm stupid and I never learn. 

1. Thrifty ride. 

2. Well, I'll admit that it would be nice to sing along to "Fergalicious" with conviction. 

3. I for one love the broken, dusty chips. 

Chewing less saves more energy for activities. 

4. This guy sets some realistic expectations. 

Set the bar low and you'll never be disappointed. Well, almost never.

I call catfishing on #8.

5. Nice angle, bro.

6. Great, now I'm hungry.

7. There is nothing more awkward. 

8. There is no time to waste on such trickery. 

The guy in #11 is literally sooooo cool!

9. Sounds like he's got a mouth that I don't want to kiss. 

And that's saying a lot because I'd pretty much put anything in my mouth. 

10. This looks like the beginning of a 20/20 episode.

11. Wow. He sounds awesome and sooo cooool

12. Commitment is overrated. 

#15 knows just what to say to get the girl, or should I say girls. 

13. I feel like this picture with that description tells me all I need to know. 

14. Who said romance is dead?

15. Because every woman likes to be referred to as a heifer. 

16. Ahhhhh! I see what you did there. 


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