Wednesday, December 13, 2017

16 People Who Just Can't Help But Be Funny

Whether it's in conversation, a picture, prank, or idea, some people just emit comedy. Today we're taking a look at all kinds of these funny folk, doin' their thing in different ways. So come take a break with us and check out these people whose humor flows oh so naturally...

1. Technically correct, right?

2. Can't just cancel plans!

3. Gotta have goals, ya know?

4. Just give this guy a break, Netflix!

5. When life gives you lemons from Dimension X...

6. "I find your lack of waste disturbing..." 

7. A simple yet effective prank

8. More good-humored office folk

9. Spread those good vibes, melon boy!

10. Hmmm, good point.

11. Some real love right here

12. Gee, thanks bro...

13. ♫ It's the ciiiiircle of liiiiiife

14. You shouldn't have! Like, for real, though...

15. I'd say they nailed it!

16. And lastly, these awesome twins...


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