Monday, December 18, 2017

16 Teachers Who Deserve An A+

Sometimes there's more to teaching than just spewing out facts and hoping some students have spongy enough brains to soak it all in. With a little humor and fun, a lesson is brought to life and can actually have such a positive effect on a class. My aunt was one of those teachers who liked to mess with her students from time to time. She told me of a "pop-quiz" test that she handed out on April 1st that included ridiculous questions like, "there were 7,000 Greek soldiers in the Battle of Thermopylae, name them!" Well, you can imagine the surprised and horrified look on the students' faces. According to my aunt, it was priceless. 

Following in the tradition of hilarious teachers, we've compiled some of our favorites from all around and want to give them a big ole "A+" in the humor department. So pick up your #2 pencils and take some notes, these are a few brilliant people that anyone can learn from! 

1. Accept no substitutes...

...except this substitute:

2. And the award goes to...

3. A lesson in preparation is a lesson well-learned

4. How I imagine all teachers maintain a healthy diet:

5. At least this teacher has their students' career prospects in mind...

6. Do not underestimate the power of the dork side

7. I'd make a math joke, but they're a sine of a problem

8. Sometimes they teach history, other times they make history

9. I give this teacher's joke a perfect 10!

10. Same with this teacher's astute observation:

11. No one just looks at their crotch. 

12. This teacher would definitely be my hero:

13. A perfect demonstration of physics...

14. Scheduling and time management are very important

15. As is doing your homework, especially when it's something as awesome as this:

16. And last, but not least, this teacher who taught an entire lecture dressed like this


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