Monday, December 11, 2017

16 Times 'That Escalated Quickly' Was An Understatement

Sometimes, things get out of hand. It's a fact. We've all been to a "fun little gathering" that became a full-blown rager. You don't expect things to escalate quickly, but someone lets word slip about the "gathering" to Bobby-friggin'-McDougall, then he tells all his idiot friends and the next thing you know, half your graduating class is in your living room. Nod if this story sounds familiar. I see a lot of heads moving, and to be honest, I'm not surprised. That's why I'm confident this list of pictures depicting situations that escalated quickly will be well received. 

1. One for the ages, huh?

2. Heineken, bro?

Now there'syour first problem

3. Escalating quickly taken too literally

4. The night he would never forget...if only he could remember

5. A tad dramatic

But not wrong

6. OK, OK we get it. No parking 

7. When FIFAis life

8. But I just got here!

9. Damn dude, that's some freaky shit

10. Ya it did 

11. When you show up an hour late to a party and everyone is hammered already

12. And suck 'em good

13. Whoa! Chill out, Google

14. That's wild

15. Well, that took a turn

16. Mom is hard af


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