Tuesday, December 26, 2017

17 Hilarious 'JoeBama' Conversations We Wish Were Real

President Elect Donald Trump and soon-to-be vice president Mike Pence are set to be inaugurated on January 20. In addition to being the beginning of Trump's presidential tenure, this date also signals the official end of the "Joebama" show. While the beloved tandem will continue to hold office until that day, I can't shake the feeling that January is fast approaching and, putting all political affiliations aside, that it'll be sad to see them go. 

Since I'm not one for sulking, I felt it was better to celebrate the time they have left with this list of funny, made-up conversations between Biden and Obama. 

1. It's now or never

2. Only two more months of this

3. It was worth a try

4. Soon-to-be president daddy to you, Joe

5. Joe Biden's been working on his spiral

6. Someone's salty

7. Joe's laying down the law

8. A little housewarming gift

9. Gotta respect the long con

10. True love never dies

11. Bros? 


12. Not this again

13. Simmer down there, jailhouse Joe

It's never too late to take on a career in MMA, just do it outside of the white house... preferably

14. Now we know what Joe's been working on for eight years

15. Joe hasn't changed his email address since the first version of the internet was rolled out

16. Behave yourself, Joe

17. Quick, run and hide!


Author: verified_user