Tuesday, December 26, 2017

17 Pictures That Make Perfect Sense If You Hate People

Do you prefer the company of Netflix to that of real people? Do you dread the weekend because it means that people will ask you to go out, while simultaneously anticipating it because it means that —if you play your cards right—you can hide from everyone you know and live in a paradise state of couch-humping, binge-eating nakedness? People will throw around terms like introvert, anti-social, maybe even "socially illiterate and painfully awkward" to describe you, but it's really quite simple: you just want to be left alone. If this is you, there's nothing wrong with that, in fact, here are 16 pictures that prove you're not alone, except of course when you want to be! 

1. You put off any form of interaction for as long as possible 

Better late than never 

2. This label perfectly encapsulates why you prefer to drink alone 

3. Well, maybe not completely alone

4. Having company over isn't really your thing

Weekends are very special times for those of us who like to be alone...

5. The weekends are strictly for avoiding pants and, I think it goes without saying, all human contact 

6. Of course, there are some perfectly reasonable reasons for shunning people

Mainly, dragons and Jon Snow 

7. This is not an unfamiliar sight for you 

That's one Netflix suggestion that I will notbe trying out

8. Some people find happiness in a soulmate, you find yours in a spirits-mate

...Preferably a high-quality vodka 

9. Human emotion is often lost on you

10. You always have an excuse ready to ensure you don't have to leave the house

"I have a dinner" is always a safe bet.

11. A dinner with literally anyone will do

12. Anything less than three days notice for an in-person visit is frankly unacceptable 

It takes me at least 48 hours to get emotionally comfortable with the fact that I have to put pants and another 24 hours to mentally prepare for making eye contact with another living person (the cat doesn't count).

It's not always easy convincing people to leave you the hell alone, but you've developed a few fail-safe tactics 

13. Onions, garlic, and cheese-based snacks will ensure that people stay at least three feet away, leaving your personal bubble intact!

14. Everyone has a favorite aisle at the grocery store, and this is yours!

15. Greatest invention ever 

If only you had one of these to bring to family dinners

16. This probably happens to you at least once a day

Why do people have to just exist?!

17. Why was your ex, Toby?


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