Wednesday, December 6, 2017

17 Ridiculous Pics To Waste Your Hard-Earned Time Off

Hopefully, the holidays have been kind to all of you. In the event that this surplus of time off has left you bored out of your mind, I prepared this small pic dump to help tide you over during the break. Enjoy. 

1. "Them's fightin' words"

2. Too good

3. That's as pure as it gets

4. Good question

5. Stay strong

6. When you're too smooth for your own good

7. So true

8. Any time

9. Dad has rhymes, though

10. Why am I laughing at this?

11. I see irony in the near future

12. Werk it, gurl

13. Someone really hates this computer

14. Yup 

15. More like 24

16. And then I wonder why I'm single

17. Dragon it is


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