Tuesday, December 12, 2017

18 Pictures Proving The Next Great Inventor Lives Among Us

Elon Musk is a f***boy who's hogging all the fame!

You heard me.

The real innovators live among us. They're your frat boy neighbors, your teachers, your  gold digging ex-wife. All these people are progressing the world more than some dude with big plans to rid us of our reliance on fossil fuels for the sake of creating a greener, more harmonious planet. 

Proof, you say? I've got proof. 17 pictures worth of proof. You don't have to drastically change the course of human history to have a profound effect on your community. You just have to do something superfluous, like find out a way to administer Red Bull and Jagermeister into your mouth through a straw at the same time. That's progress, folks, and I've got a whole article full of useless innovations for you to feast your eyes on.


1. College students: The real innovators.

2. Allow your pet to work out while you get lazier.

3. How much do they sell for?

4. I don't know about you, but I go out of my way to get the greasiest pizza possible. The grease would eat through that measly paper gripper.

5. Australians are always on the forefront of drinking ingenuity. 

6. I hate to pit beer innovators vs. beer innovators but the Germans have something great here.

7. The college kid who invented this genius thing probably skips half his classes and will graduate with a C average.

Grades aren't everything, kids.

8. Eh, some chicks need a lawnmower for their bush. No shame there.

9. Is this considered biological innovation...evolution?

Whatever, this little guy is going out in a way we could only dream of.

10. Hey, they're capitalizing on market demand. That's innovation if I've ever seen it.

11. He did it. He figured out how to fool the paparazzi.

12. This is actually the kind of money-making idea Trump would love.

13. Chicken pancakes. You're looking at the future, folks.

14. Not the hero college students need, but the one they deserve.

15. The Russians survived on bread and water for months in the middle of winter, during a World War. They are the epitome of the saying, "If there's a will, there's a way."

16. "That'll do," he said as he rubbed his hands together with a look of accomplishment on his face.

17. "We pulled the straps tight, don't worry."

18. If only they made these for avoiding eye contact with creeps on the subway.


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