Friday, December 22, 2017

19 Funny Pictures The Internet Crapped Out Just For You

I made this dump just for you. It didn't come easy at first. The ideas and words were there, but they were all backed up and the more I tried to force them out, the less progress I made. At this point, I had been sitting for so long thinking of the perfect caption for the first image that my legs began to get pins and needles. Realizing I could not let this go on, I relaxed, and I felt it slowly open (my mind, that is). Lo and behold, my first caption slid out, perfectly formed, and to my immense relief, soon the rest followed suit. Having said all this, I can only hope that you find this dump as satisfying as I did!

1. Interesting, the vegetarian option seems to be missing...

2. Both leave you with instant regrets the next morning, too 

3. Those are true friends

4. The lunch room is a savage place 

When it comes to the contents of the work fridge, things can get even weirder...

5. So it's come to this, has it?

6. You don't say?

With all the clickbait listicles around, it's nice to see that at least print news hasn't resorted to slack journalism...

7. I bet they both left it a big soggy mess, too 

And the only thing more idiotic than that headline is the next person

8. Observe the wonders of natural selection in action

9. "C'mon don't be a baby...Miami!"

10. To all the eternally single people on Tinder, the internet salutes you

Never stop giving us gold!

Have you ever worried about an employer seeing your social media posts? The next picture should put that worry to rest 

11. He's not wrong

12. Ahhh, if only the next four years could be the summer of George...

Make the double dip great again!

13. Dayyyum Granddad, DAYYUM 

14. The resemblance is uncanny 

15. I guess he wasn't interested in our conversation anymore

16. Looks like someone's been hanging out with Granddad 

Also, I would kill to have legs that look as nice as his

17. The world is a confusing place...

18. A truly noble hobby 

19. Well, guys, I hate myself for including this one, but here we are 

And on that note, I my work here is done


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