Wednesday, December 6, 2017

22 Pics That Deserve A Second Look

I feel it's hard to find content that grabs my attention for longer than a few minutes. It's why I find these double-take photos so impressive. They have just the right amount of intrigue to keep me coming back for more. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did. 

1. Would you listen if it was your name?

2. Just a couple of dogs going for a rip

3. Their pizza is a just so damn good, raptors can't get enough

4. Well, there's your first problem

It's pumpkin spice season, everybody knows that

5. But why is his hand there?

6. At least one group of girls does this every Halloween

7. Lookin' good, Liev Schreiber

8. I always knew leprechauns had magic powers 

9. What the f... oh, never mind

10. Right on

11. My reaction when I see a pop fountain with Dr. Pepper

12. The best kind of advertising

13. Can't blame a guy for wanting stretch out a little

14. When you love your cat so much you become one

15. When it's April and you know beach season is right around the corner

16. Ain't that the truth, girls? :P

17. So that's what they're calling it these days

18. For a second I was sure she had a third leg

19. Now way, it can't be him

20. Put it away, man

21. Interesting name

22. This billboard is amazing


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