Sunday, December 31, 2017

24 Desperate Times That Called For Some Desperate Measures

Eventually, many of us will find ourselves in a situation that has no right answer. No matter how smart we are and how many clever ways out we've found in the past, sometimes there's no other way to put it. 

We're fucked.

But because we've always been taught not to give up, we'll still keep flailing and trying to find a solution. And the results just get weirder and sadder as they go on.

But as you'll see from these 24 people, that's only true if you're actually going through it yourself. Otherwise, it can get pretty funny.   

1. Haha, nothing screams "Oh God, how do I relate to kids today?" louder than this.

2. Too bad you can't cook with that hot fire if you ain't got any food.

3. If laziness gets you into a mess, use laziness to get you out.

4. This is the type of shit that happens right before someone screams "Worldstar!"

5. We can't always hide from our problems, but it's not fair when they jump out at us like this.

6. Daaaamn, how many times has this happened already?

Probably had a whole SWAT team show up the first time.

7. I feel that. It's so cold that I'd wear a Teletubbies coat if the shit was warm enough.

8. Daaamn, she won't be doing that shit again.

Sometimes, we have to learn the hard way which folks don't play around.

9. When it's damned if you do and damned if you don't, you gotta think fast.

10. Sometimes doing nothing is your only option.

Good luck finding out which problems this works with, though.

11. When you're broke, even century-old soggy garlic bread can seem like treasure.

12. This is definitely true when you've already seen 'em all.

But of course, that's why you come to us. 

13. I feel like this picture came from the future or another dimension or some shit.

It's like the problem she's trying to solve with this hasn't even been invented yet.

14. This is what this year has done to us, man.

Things have gotten so crazy we're drinking out of fake babies.

15. I mean, it's pretty hard to get in the mood to celebrate right now.

16. Haha, how much is minty fresh breath worth to you?

17. On the plus, ain't nobody stealing that.

I'm kinda curious to see what someone would look like riding this, though.

18. I guess if a relationship can't have trust, it can at least have fun.

19. Honestly, this is a pretty smart move.

A lot of single people would probably buy all these up out of sympathy.

20. Damn man, what kind of ghosts hang out in this house?

Do the walls bleed every Thursday or something?

21. I feel this, the temptation can just get too strong sometimes.

And shit, I might have to steal this move, it's sliiick.

22. It sucks having to weigh the need to wipe with the chance of clogging the toilet.

23. It's amazing how creative we get when the rain's about to fuck our clothes up.

It always comes when you don't have an umbrella and stays away when you do. That's messed up.

24. OK, but if you did solve this, you've got an automatic A comin'.

Like, draw pictures on your final exam at that point. Who gives a fuck? 


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