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24 People Who Forgot Their Parents Had Social Media

The internet has made it so much easier to connect and share with people. However, it is easy to forget who you're connected to. As much as we love dear old mom and dad, we obviously don't want to share every morsel of our lives with them.

I remember being 18 and writing a Facebook status about a particular boy bothering me. Five minutes later, there is a Facebook notification from my dad, who is telling me not to be a drama queen. I've tried to be careful ever since, but sometimes things still slip.

Here are 24 people who forgot their parents had social media.

1. Maybe the thug life didn't choose you.

I remember my gangster phase being in elementary school. It doesn't look so good on a white, female ginger kid. Now, I kind of wish my parents were around to pull me offstage before I started rapping in the eighth grade talent show. The thug life definitely doesn't choose everyone.

2. Chain mail gone wrong.

Chain mail has a long history of being one of the most annoying things on the Internet. We all know by now that Bloody Mary won't appear after spinning around three times and saying her name into a mirror at midnight. Now, chain mail has been linked to awareness months. I don't think there is anyone who isn't aware of how awkward this explanation would be.

3. Where it all started.

We've all got that one parent who takes everything too literally. For me, it was my mom. Every time I posted System Of A Down song lyrics, it sounded like I wouldn't live another day. This exchange sounds like a modern-day pilot for How I Met Your Mother.

4. Sorry to disappoint.

If I were going to be a parent to anyone other than cats, I would be this type of parent. Being an English major has made me more irked by misspelled words and slang. Instead, I like to stump my dad with big words he hasn't seen or used before.

5. She will never ever, ever forget this burn.

I wouldn't be surprised if this girl never shared her musical tastes on Facebook again. That said, Taylor Swift could probably make this dad's suggestions go platinum. I feel like my biggest hit would be called "Two Cats and Counting."

6. The truth hurts.

That awkward moment when deep Facebook thoughts turned into deep, lifelong hurt. In my case, it's true — my younger sister is the best out of all of us. She's got so much personality and spunk. Hopefully, this guy doesn't need too much therapy.

7. A picture is worth a thousand words.

When parents mock their kids' photos, it makes me laugh. For one thing, it's an easy answer to the question of whether you see yourself with the same guy in 20 years. If you can't stomach your parents' picture, the answer is probably no.

8. Not so tough now.

I'm probably going to sound just like this dad in saying that I have never understood the point of bathroom selfies. They only prove how much of a slob you are, anyways. I hope this guy saw the light after seeing his dad in his clothes.

9. Twinning.

Whenever I'm told I look like my dad, a nightmarish image of my father in my clothes comes to mind. If my dad ever pulled this on me, I would never sleep easy again. I have to admire this dad's attention to detail, though.

10. Don't mess with the 'rents. Period.

I've always thought that there is nothing worse than having your parents tag-team on a punishment until I saw this. Tag-team Facebook humiliation takes the cake. I've never been more thankful that my parents are divorced and can't stand each other.

11. It all comes out in the wash.

In college, I liked to boast about how independent I had always been. The first time I tried washing dishes (after telling my roommate that I'd done it a thousand times), my roommate had to rewash them twice. Whether you've got no skills or you miss your parents, it all comes out sooner or later.

12. Party pooper!

I've never been this obvious with my stupidity on Facebook. Sometimes, I would tell my parents I was staying at my dorm to study for an exam and then post about how awesome a Saturday night concert was afterward. I imagine this guy wasn't left alone for a year after that one.

13. The name game.

I  wonder how fast this got deleted. Urban Dictionary can be funny until your siblings write an entry just to spite you...

14. 50 shades of "whoa."

TMI, MOM! I was so quiet about reading this book because I didn't want judgment. Thankfully, all I got was, "Can I read it after you?"

15. Selfie!

I'm very, very glad that selfies weren't a thing when I was in school. Luckily, I don't think my parents would have taken one with my teachers, but still — at least I don't have to worry about it now. 

16. Bet he won't forget his dad's birthday next year. 

It's one thing to feel guilty about forgetting your parents' birthday, but then to be roasted by your own father about your blunder? That is next-level.

17. Dads have an answer for everything. 

Sometimes, it's just not the best answer. At least the sisters got a response for why they both exist, and I'm sure they are thankful their father wasn't "packing."

18. Red alert! Mom present!

I've never been good at "yo momma" jokes, and I think Facebook has ruined them forever because you never know whose mom is going to pop out and slay. 

19. Mom of little faith.

I think Ellie needs some aloe for that burn. The not-so-great thing about Facebook is that instead of your mom just making jokes about your single life to your family, she can now make them for the whole world to see. Thanks, Facebook!

20. Parents aka the grammar police.

Just when you thought Facebook was a safe space to play fast and loose with your spelling and grammar, dad shows up.This kid will definitely proofread his posts from now on. 

21. Maybe finish your homework before posting on Facebook.

This dad is right, though. You might learn just a little bit more if you turn your attention to the textbooks that you should probably be reading. 

22. I meant drums.

Why post about doing anything illegal on social media in the first place? You know it's shared to everyone, right? Maybe he forgot because of all the drugs. 

23. Mom's got jokes.

Sometimes I kind of wish that Facebook had a setting to let your friends know if your parents were on social media or not to avoid getting comments like this. 

24. That ride took a turn for the worse.

I don't imagine this ended well. The boyfriend probably got in a tsunami of trouble from this girl's parents!

Have your parents ever totally embarrassed you on social media?

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