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24 People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Cook Again

Probably the most daunting thing about trying to adult is cooking for yourself. Most people try to avoid it all together, with eating out or UberEats being the go-to options for most millennials living on their own. It really isn't so hard, but for some, the task just seems almost impossible, with most attempts ending with something burnt or on fire or with multiple bandages on your fingertips to stop the profuse bleeding. 
If you keep with it and continue to find easy recipes, you'll be the next Gordon Ramsay in no time. Well, unless you're like these people, who should probably never set foot in a kitchen again.

1. Trying to cook mom's spaghetti.

When you told me your mom's spaghetti recipe was lit, you really meant it eh? Glad you took the time to snap a pic instead of putting it out, gotta show the world you're not the sharpest pencil in the case.

2. This crispy creation.

When you burn something so bad that you forget what you were trying to make in the first place. I think it's either chicken, a roast, or possibly a cake? Your guess is as good a mine.

3. Those are apparently marshmallows.

Here's a simple tip: When trying to cook, always remember that you are cooking. Don't leave the room to catch the rest of Riverdale, or call a friend to talk about what Kylie is wearing on her latest Instagram post. Stay in the kitchen or set a timer.

4. How do you mess up frozen pizza this bad?

They had to have forgotten it was cooking for it to come to this. The directions are on the box people! Follow them and you'll be enjoying some sweet 'za in 20 minutes or less.

We've all forgotten something in the oven for a little too long...

It's a tale as old as time. Remember when Stitch pulled this?

5. I get what you're trying to do.

Trying to show off to your hubby a better way to mix the pasta. Girl, this works for those store bought salads because they're small and light. This is just a good way to ruin your pot and your back at the same time.

6. You just had to try that slider recipe from that Facebook video.

It looked so easy from that top-down recipe video on your news feed. I'd say feed it to your dogs, but I think they'd reject it in an instant, giving you that confused face and wondering when you'll give them some real food.

7. Always check the oven before preheating.

If you're like some of my friend's moms, you like to keep extra pans in the oven. Always check the oven before preheating to avoid having to clean up a gooey mess.

8. Grilled cheese sandwiches shouldn't be this complicated.

I've probably burnt more than a handful of these cheesy sandwiches in my day. Low heat and a good layer of butter on the outside will make you the best grilled cheeses.

Yeah, this seems about accurate.

How could this possibly go wrong? There's nothing to mess up, but I'll find a way.

9. Having a good grip on things is always a plus in the kitchen.

At this point, you're better off just cleaning up that massive mess and ordering in some Chinese food or something. You tried your best, now time to eat away your sorrows with General Tso and some sweet and sour chicken balls.

10. Losing microwave privileges in 3...2...1.

I wouldn't even consider using a microwave cooking but still, there are proper ways of doing it. This is not one of them. Looks like you set off an embryonic bomb in there.

11. There's a button on the microwave specifically for this!

I really have no clue how someone could mess this up so badly. I would suggest finding a proper paying job so you never have to cook anything for yourself ever again.

12. Recipe called for a pinch, not an inch of salt.

This may have been a prank, so I don't want to go all out and say you're a terrible cook. Chalk it up to a cheeky husband or wife trying to literally spice up the relationship.

We should all aspire to be the Swedish Chef.

It doesn't matter how terribly wrong things go, he's just happy to be in the kitchen. Although why they keep letting him in is beyond me...

13. There are colors in there I don't associate with mac'n'cheese.

Aside from, y'know, burning the pasta, isn't this stuff usually an atomic orange color?

14. You live and learn, baking isn't the easiest.

Your mother and grandmother made it look so easy in the kitchen. Though, they lived in a time where they could stay home for most of the day and started honing their cooking skills young. I'm sure you can microwave better than the both of them combined.

15. When you think you can substitute an ingredient for something that's pretty close.

This person tried to use cake mix in their cookie recipe. Though they may look like house slippers, I'm sure they can't taste all that bad.

16. What's this supposed to be?

It takes a real whiz in the kitchen to both undercook and burn something at the same time. You may not be the best cook, but that's an accomplishment on its own.

I totally agree with Ramsay on this one.

Most of these cooking struggles I can understand, but not that one. Literally, how does this happen? How?

17. Your son tried to make you waffles.

I mean, I think it's real sweet that your boy has a kind heart and wants to make mommy something special in the morning. Next time, just tell him that it's a no-no to put plastic plates in the toaster oven.

18. When the squash goes boom.

This looks like the proper aftermath for a vegetable explosion. Spaghetti guts everywhere!

19. Even your bowl is disappointed in your cooking.

Not sure what you were making that calls for putting a bowl in the oven. You've really come up with creative ways of messing up in the kitchen.

20. Nice aim there, bud!

I think everyone should start with cooking eggs for their first time in the kitchen. Though, if you start out like this, either improve your aim or live with your mother for the foreseeable future. 

Yeah, that's how I feel when perfectly good food is lost to the floor/counter/dog.

The frustration is so, so real. Rest in peace, little egg. You did good.

21. This is why you don't try to cook when tired.

They thought they turned on the oven... Speakers, a can opener, and a candle were lost in this tragedy. 

22. This is all around a terrible idea, somehow worse than the last one.

For goodness sake, just microwave the dang thing! You're gonna burn the house down!

23. Literally what?

This used to be macaroni and cheese. The key being "used to be." Do not nap when cooking. Ever. This hurts my heart to look at.

24. These layered jelly ordeals never go how you think they're going to.

I think the trick is to add extra gelatin, but I've never made of these successfully, so...

After seeing all these struggles, I feel like a dang professional.

If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen shimmying while I work.

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