Friday, December 15, 2017

28 Pictures That Prove That The Struggle Can Be Real. Very Real

You must have found yourself in situations, time and time again, where the struggle is so real that it actually hurts. Those struggles that make you reconsider what you've done in your past to try and figure out why karma could possibly be so cruel to you in the present. And then all the past blunders you've made throughout your life start resurfacing and you realize that the struggle is real because you stomped on little Timmy's sand castle 15 years ago. Here are 28 people who prove that the struggle can be so very, very real.
You know the struggle is real when...

1. You forget a pencil during an exam.

2. You have to eat your yogurt with a fork.

3. Your heart desires pizza and you only have frozen pizza and access to an iron and a hairdryer.

4. It's imperative you eat ice cream, but all the spoons are dirty.

5. Your straw is too small.

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6. Your classmate is an answer thief.

7. You insist on warm cookies like your mom used to make.

8. Or when Starbucks runs out of small straws.

9. Your apartment is a 1000 degrees and there's no AC.

10. You're too poor to buy hotdog buns.

11. Your biceps are too big to eat that Oreo.

12. The hot summer sun that you've been begging for makes your steering wheel too hot to touch.

13. When you anger a spider by trying to kill it and it gets away...he's probably plotting your death right now.

14. When you're down to the last bit of your toothpaste.

15. When this happens...

16. When you have a war with your gum and end up losing.

17. When you come home and this happens, it's like a piece of you died that day. 

18. When you struggle so hard in the morning that this is what your alarm clock settings look like. 

19. When the end is nigh for your iPhone charger.

20. When you put cereal in bread, and call it brunch.

21. When you reach the end of the chips bag but have a lot of salsa left.

22. When your pepperoni pizza looks like this.

23. And when you have to do this to be able to see in class.

24. When you get that awkward mix up between a hug and a hand shake.

25. When you go to a conformist party and need to find your shoes...

26. Or when your corkscrew fails at the one job it had.

27. …or you end up having the worst luck ever.

28. When the struggle has made a permanent home in your car.

Collage Source: 1) Instagram@LezahJones 2) reddit /u/ kzor 3) Twitter @HSWOnline


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