Sunday, December 17, 2017

8 Massive Buildings Climbers Have Conquered

There are so many amazing things that people can do in this world. Realistically, there's no shortage of entertainment if you're actively looking for some. Take adrenaline junkies, for instance. They're constantly chasing the next thrill that they can find, whether that constitutes riding a crazy roller coaster or skydiving. While it may seem kind of crazy, most things that people do tend to be on the safer side, having minimal risks associated with them. Then there are other people who like to do crazier things. Things like climbing mountains or boulders without any safety equipment, other than a helmet, or even people who illegally scale or climb buildings. Whatever their reason is for doing these crazy things, you can be sure that they're real and these people aren't messing around.

So, what are some crazy feats of "buildering?"

Well, there's no doubt that you've heard about the guy who recently tried climbing Trump Tower. Don't worry, he used suction cups, but he eventually got arrested.

Kirill Oreshkin, the King of Selfies, is pretty well-known for climbing on top of things and taking crazy selfies. Here he is on the Monument of Victory in Moscow.

Not daring enough for you? Maybe balancing on a star at the top of Moscow State University will tickle your fancy?

Believe it or not, though, Kirill is more about the dangerous selfies, not climbing the tallest buildings. That's where these guys come in.

They're pictured here climbing a spire in Shanghai, coming in at a whopping 1093 feet (333m).

They even climbed Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

If you can't remember, it's the giant statue of Jesus Christ in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

But those were just warm-ups. Things really start to heat up when they climb the Lotte Tower, which comes in at a whopping 1821 feet (555 meters).

Again, that's still child's play because their next feat was Shanghai Tower, a 2133 foot (650m) building. Can't forget the pictures, right?

And finally, they top it off with a climb to the top of Shenzhen Centre, a 2165 foot (660m) building. The best part is, their reasoning behind these climbs is purely for entertainment.

Watch their epic journey to the top of Shenzhen tower by clicking the video below!


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