Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Artist Draws Comics Of Disney Princesses

Amy Mebberson is an artist and graphic designer who loves Disney princesses and creates comic illustrations of them. She creates scenarios where princesses from different Disney universes are interacting and hanging out together. Mebberson's illustrations depict princesses who are sassy and brassy — princesses that we can all appreciate! 

She introduces Queen Elsa.

Our favorite frosty Queen! 

And she reimagined The Little Mermaid.

Starring the dopiest dog around, Goofy. 

She reimagines entire Disney universes. 

Here, we see Tangledand Frozentogether. 

She celebrates holidays. 

Check out the princesses in this Year of the Goat comic!

She reveals Elsa's secrets. 

Thermals solve the Ice Queen's problems.

Mebberson shows the princesses playing poker. 

And show's Elsa's struggle to "Conceal. Don't feel."

She questions the standards that the princesses are held to. 

Every princess should have a casual look. 

She even shows what would happen if the girls learned crafts! 

Hint: Sleeping Beauty cannot be trusted. 

She tries her hand at some modern Disney characters. 

"Kim Possible" was definitely our queen. 

And this 'Bugs Bunny' cartoon is too good. 

What if Bugs Bunny went to Coachella and met Kendall Jenner???

She puts a spin on Jurassic Park.

Chris Pratt, teaching a class in dinosaur training. 

Stich goes surfing. 

And there's a surprise in the ocean. 

Every girl has a best friend. 

Even princesses, even if their best friend is a tiger. 

She takes "Tangled" to a whole new meaning. 

Braid it first, girl. 

Main image via tumblr / amymebberson 

Collage images via 1. tumblr / amymebberson 2. tumblr / amymebberson 3. tumblr / amymebberson


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