Friday, December 8, 2017

Confusing Math Puzzle Is Difficult To Solve

There's no faster way to delight and terrify so many people at once than to bring math into the equation. Whether you suffered through it in school or loved it so much you wanted to study it for the rest of your life; it's not really something you can escape. It is, as Galileo once said, the language of the universe. Our universe is chaotic and still largely unknown to us, but math seems to be the best way we have to get it to make any kind of sense.

What happens when even the numbers don't seem to make any sense? Today, it means there's a bit of trickery in the air, and it's time for a riddle. This time, we're going to be throwing a lot of numbers at you. But whether math was your favorite or least favorite subject growing up, your chance of figuring it out stays the same. That's because there's more to this little numbers puzzle than solving an equation. 

Instead, you have to figure out the missing piece of the puzzle that suddenly and simply helps this upcoming sequence of numbers make any sense at all.

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We begin as simply as possible with the number one.

But you're about to see that number grow very quickly.

Before you know it, the next number jumps to 11.

Just as quickly, we're now up to 21. Watch out, the next step is a big one.

That's because the next number is 1211.

Before you can wonder how we went from 21 to more than 1,000, the next number is 111221.

The last number we're going to throw at you is 312211.

Phew. So this is the final sequence we have.

1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211

The only remaining question is what number comes next?

If you get stuck, the answer is on the next page.

Based on the similar number makeup, you might start to see a connection.

Well, you're right. Break down the numbers inside each one and you can figure out how one part of the sequence fits with the others.

If you've figured out the trick, congratulations!

Hopefully, my little clue helped if you got stuck. If not, here's what the last number in the sequence is supposed to be.

The answer you're looking for is 13112221.

If you're wondering why this is, each number in the sequence describes the one above it. From one, we go to 11 or "one one." We then go to 21 or "two ones." That then gives us "one two and one one" or 1211. 

You get the idea from there.

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