Thursday, December 14, 2017

Create An Awesome Sprinkler Using PVC Pipes

Summer has started and it has been H.O.T. so far. If your kids are out of school already, the boredom has probably started to set in, causing cranky kids and even crankier parents. To keep the peace around the house, you gotta keep everyone entertained and cooled off. And a great way to keep everyone cool is to make a 'car' wash sprinkler. This sprinkler DIY will make your yard the new hangout spot in the neighborhood. 

1. Gather your supplies. 

Head to your local hardware store for the following 3/4" pipe and fittings:

2 ten-foot lengths of PVC
3 end caps
1 threaded female hose connector (slip fit)
2 elbow joints (90 degree)
2 T connections
1 pack quarter-circle mister jets (12 count)

If the option of chaining your KidWash with other water toys interests you, just pick two end caps and add:

1 threaded male hose connector (slip fit)
1 hose cap

Note: you want the PVC hose connectors, not the more expensive metal fittings. Don't give up if they're not with the other PVC fittings, they were by the sprinkler parts. 

2. And you'll need some tools: 

You need: 

measuring device
pen or pencil 
PVC cement 
5/32" drill bit

3. Cut the pipes. 

Time to cut. You will need the following sections and sizes: 

2 at 5 feet
1 at 4 feet 
4 at 18 inches 

Cut one of the 10' lengths in half so that you have two 5' sections. 

Then, cut a 4' section from the second one. Cut the remaining 6' section in half and then each of the 3' sections in half.

4. Make a line down the center. 

This way all of your misters will be lined up in the same direction. 

5. Mark the locations for the misters. 

If you have 12 misters, you can put four on each side and four along the top. Measure 9" from the end of each pipe, mark it, and then mark three more locations at 10" intervals. This will center the four misters along the top, and provide nice coverage on the sides.

6. Drill the holes. 

A 5/32" hole was perfect for the mister jets, but check yours before drilling holes. The mister jets have threads and a taper that increases as they go in. The bit should leave a hole that allows the bottom to slide in easily, but engages the threads where they start. With the right combination you'll need to bear down to get the first threads to "bite", but after the first or second turn they'll cut their own threads into the pipe for a tight fit.

7. Assemble the upright pipes. 

Make sure there are no PVC chips or other debris in the pipes before assembly. Fit the drilled pipes together to form a "U" shape with all the drilled holes facing up. The drilled holes on the side pieces should be closest to the end with elbow joint (near cross piece). Once you're satisfied, glue up the "U", making sure the holes stay facing up.

8. Screw in the mister jets. 

9. Glue the base.

10. Attach the base to the top part. 

11. Let the glue dry, and then give it a go!

You can even double the fun!


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